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Our Staff


Charlie French

Titles: Director

Kelly Scott

Titles: Assistant Director

Nicole Kea

Titles: Office Manager

Deairrah Rich

Titles: Reception


Samantha Boswell

Titles: 1st Grade Teacher

Jasmine Cox

Titles: Kindergarten, Middle School Administrative Support

Brenda Hensley

Titles: 6th and 7th Grade Teacher, ELA and Social Studies Teacher

Cheryl Mason

Titles: 4th and 5th Grade Teacher, Reading and Social Studies Teacher

Amanda Meranto

Titles: 6th and 7th Grade Teacher, Math and Science Teacher

Veatrice Smith

Titles: Exceptional Children

Micha Strother

Titles: 3rd Grade Teacher

Sherry Waddell

Titles: 2nd Grade Teacher

Learner Support:

Foretina Carter

Titles: 3rd Grade Learner Support

Irene Davis

Titles: Exceptional Children Support

Lora East

Titles: Interventionist

Creshel Farmer

Titles: Kindergarten Learner Support

Tamiyiah Hines

Titles: Kindergarten Learner Support

Julie Smith

Titles: Interventionist

Kristina Smith

Titles: 1st Grade Learner Support

Sharonda White

Titles: 2nd Grade Learner Support


Gayle Hooper

Titles: School Nutrition Coordinator

Craig Livingston

Titles: School Maintenance and Grounds Keeper

Bus Drivers:

Galye Hooper

Titles: Bus Driver

Tobias Jordan

Titles: Bus Driver

Stephanie McCray

Titles: Bus Driver

Kristina Smith

Titles: Bus Driver

Sharonda White

Titles: Bus Driver

Elijah Wilson

Titles: Bus Driver

Our Mission

"Our mission is to prepare students of all racial and ethnic backgrounds for success in college and to become productive citizens by combining a rigorous curriculum with focused character development."

Our educators and school leaders equip students with the tools they need to be successful throughout their academic career at Aristotle Preparatory Academy. Through our curriculum and core values, we expect all students to thrive. Apply online today!

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