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Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports

Positive Behavior Is Attained Through Connections

We believe students who have meaningful relationships with their teachers and administration are well behaved because of the strong connection. We follow principles that help develop these connections.

We teach our staff the differences between consequences and discipline. Discipline is self management, whether good or poor. Poor self discipline leads to negative consequences. Good self discipline leads to positive consequences.

When a student doesn’t show strong self discipline, their actions may break a rule, or not follow a school procedure. When this happens, there is a consequence. The staff and administration work hard to ensure consequences are logical and bring a resolve that helps students learn a better response, should they face another challenging situation.

Aristotle teachers are taught discipline begins with the teacher and their management of their classroom. Through establishing procedures and routines, students understand the expectations. Once these are communicated and understood by all, the classrooms become positive places where all children can learn.

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